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You may play any country represented at the starting point of any game, which includes all but the very tiniest of countries. If a unique country gains its independence during the period of your game, you may even play that country from a savegame.

While playing, you can exercise great influence over political, military, diplomatic and economic matters of your country every bit as much as the government of any country of the time could – you may not control the people, but you can lead them.  You may not be able to ensure the economy is always strong, but if you make the right decisions it’s likely it will be.  International events and the decisions of other players or the Artificial Intelligence will give you a unique challenge in every game.  You are at the mercy of these things only to a point.  Again, if you make the right choices and play smart, you can overcome most challenges and succeed even in the face of disaster!

Victoria 2 will continue until the year 1935 – a full century of gameplay!